This is MathAssessEngine

MathAssessEngine has now been superseded by our new QTIWorks system!

New users are recommended to use QTIWorks instead. Existing MathAssessEngine users may continue using this instance of MathAssessEngine for now, but should prepare to either migrate to QTIWorks or run their own legacy version of MathAssessEngine. This instance of MathAssessEngine will be kept running until (at least) the middle of 2014.

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MathAssessEngine is an open source assessment rendering engine that supports advanced rendering and handling of mathematical content. It was based on the original QTIEngine project. It supports most of the QTI 2.1 draft specification as it stood in early 2010. It has been superseded by our newer QTIWorks project.


Full information on using, deploying and developing with MathAssessEngine is available in our online documentation.

Try sample Assessment Items and Tests

MathAssessEngine contains a selection of built-in Assessment Items and Tests that you can try out and play with. By default, they will be rendered with debugging/authoring information and play in a simple formative assessment mode. This behaviour is configurable.

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Upload Assessment Items and Tests

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