Release Notes

Release 0.5.5-omega (19/08/13)

Final planned snapshot, encouraging people to migrate to QTIWorks.

Release 0.5.5 (21/02/12)

Rolls up the latest versions of RP templates, including CC templates. See the dev version of MathAssessEngine for all other recent schema/spec updates.

Release 0.5.4 (05/04/11)

This release rolls up the new features added last August to support the latest draft of the QTI Main Profile, as well as some minor bug fixes. Development is now about to ramp up again in the context of a new JISC project.

Release 0.5.3 (28/06/10)

Release 0.5.2 (08/06/10)

Minor bug-fix release that tightens up the match for IDs in controller URL mappings.

Release 0.5.1 (30/04/10)

Final FETLAR roll-up release, including a minor new feature and some UI tweaks.

Release 0.5.0 (23/04/10)

As predicted, this is a minor update to 0.4.0 that fixes a few bugs. It also adds in a few missing features that integrators might find useful.

Release 0.4.0 (09/04/10)

This is the final release as part of the FETLAR project (modulo bug-fixes).

Release 0.3.3 (31/03/10)

Release 0.3.2 (19/03/10)

Release 0.3.1 (11/03/10)

Release 0.3.0 (08/03/10)

Release 0.2.2 (03/03/10)

Release 0.2.1 (26/02/10)

Release 0.2.0 (12/02/10)

First notional release of working code... sort of!