About QTIWorks


QTIWorks is an open-source tool for delivering Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) v2.1 assessment items and tests. It was developed as part of the JISC QTIDI project as a next-generation advancement of the existing QTIEngine and MathAssessEngine tools. It supports almost all of the QTI 2.1 specification, as well as the MathAssess QTI extensions. A "Learning Tools Interoperability" (LTI) v1.1 connector makes it possible to use QTIWorks to deliver assessments within popular learning systems such as BlackBoard and Moodle.


QTIWorks is open source and released under a BSD license. The project was incubated in GitHub, whence you can find the source code and development documentation.

The software was developed within the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh. The principal architect and developer was David McKain.

QTIWorks is a reworking of the earlier MathAssessEngine and QTIEngine projects, the latter of which was developed by the University of Southampton. The most visible part of it is a Java web application, which makes extensive use of the Spring Framework. At the core of QTIWorks is a significantly refactored version of Southampton's JQTI library, called JQTI+.


QTIWorks was funded by as part of the QTI Delivery Integration project, funded by JISC. We are very grateful to JISC for its support and funding for this and related projects.