QTI examples

Here are a selection of example QTI assessments that showcase many of the things you can do with QTI.

Standard QTI 2.1 reference examples

These are the standard QTI 2.1 reference examples that can be downloaded from the IMS website, as well as a few additional ones that have been been useful to try out some other features.

MathAssess examples

These are the 'MathAssess' examples, which demonstrate the MathAssess QTI extensions that allow you to use the Maxima Computer Algebra system for some very sophisticated assessment.

UPMC examples

Mathematics examples from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris)

Language examples

These examples demonstrate some uses of QTI in the areas of language. We hope to add some further examples soon!

SToMP examples

stomp/Examples from Dick Bacon's SToMP system

Test Implementation Test Samples

Set of sample assessmentTests used to test our implementation

Additional QTIWorks regression examples

Additional items and tests to help demonstrate less usual features and special cases. These can help with regression testing.